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If the pool's plaster is flaking or cracking, it is only a matter of time before the concrete wall and another support structure becomes wholly compromised. Our Swimming pool repair service from Austin Pool Resurfacing will help you enjoy a beautifully finished Pool for many years ahead. In case you are new to the pool resurfacing concept, it is the process of applying the plaster to the pool's surface to protect the load-bearing structure beneath to have a good look for the swimming pool. Resurfacing is sometimes referred to as replastering as well. However, the surface material does not necessarily need to be plaster, and it could be fiberglass, speckled, tile, or a pebble and plaster combination.

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Austin Pool Resurfacing is the best source for quality Pool repair service, remodeling, and renovations in Austin. At Austin Pool Resurfacing, we have a team of passionate employees who can transform the backyard area into a breathtaking design than they imagine with the proper pool resurfacing. We think satisfying the customers fulfilling their desire over the collection resurfacing is an excellent conclusion to the pool projects.
Austin residents will have some of the most unique and lovely homes with various attractive features. We absolutely love designing complementary pool features and set the most stunning and highly functional backyards. In just a few months, we can work with the pool resurfacing projects.

Let your pool add more beauty to your home.

Our expert team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals has years of experience working on the project. Our area of expertise covers everything from the cool pool deck coating to pool deck refinishing and driveway, garage floor concrete resurfacing, and sidewalk. We will gladly use our experience in the concrete pool decks' resurfacing process to your benefit and gain an attractive look. Overall, our pool resurfacing will work well for the best outcome. So, look for us via Pool repair service near me and approach us for the pool resurfacing.

How long does the pool resurfacing last?

There are a number of factors to influence the longevity of the in-ground pool. It will include the water chemistry, age of the pool, climate, maintenance, and materials. On average, you can expect that pool resurfacing will last for 15 years. You can find some standard industry figures, which will make you informed over the pool resurfacing Austin schedule.

  • White plaster will last for 10 to 15 years.
  • White Quartz may last for more than ten years.
  • Tiles can last for more than 12 years.
  • Using exposed pebbles can last up to 15 years.
  • Ceramic tiles can last over 15 years.

However, you can discuss the maintenance and other aspects to enhance the swimming pool elegance with our team of professionals.

Popular reasons to look for resurfacing

  • Refreshing the pool surface, decking, coping, and tiles
  • Convert the existing pool to the saltwater system
  • New smooth pool finishes, replastering, and surfacing
  • Enhance the energy efficiency of the pool system
  • Add some enhancing factors for the pool, like the lights, spa, or fountains.
  • Creating the entertaining space and add the decking areas
  • Upgrade the pool equipment to the latest and greatest

Common reasons for your pool to pool repairs

  • The pool exterior and interior concrete will start showing cracks.
  • The pool deck color will have faded, and it will not reflect heat.
  • During the home renovation or selling, the Pool should be checked and resurfacing for necessity to enhance the appearance.
  • You can change the appearance of the pool with the resurfacing.

What can you have from our newly coated pool deck?

There are lots of reasons to settle for a dull, worn pool deck or outdated deck. More than it being uncomfortable and unsafe, there are also several other reasons to consider the newly coated pool deck options.

  • It is time for refreshing:
    Over time, your deck will start offering an old look. The concrete will wear and get fades. The concrete overlay can also create a beautiful and new surface at a minimal cost.
  • When you care for the Pool’s features:
    The Pool is not only the area to relax. It is also the place where you have to be more careful. Resurfacing will be the best option to enhance the safety factors, especially for the children and pets.
  • Increasing the durability:
    The pool deck with the concrete overall will not last for a lifetime. Bare concrete can become susceptible to storm changes in winter, chemical exposure, and several others. Only resurfacing will withstand these elements.
  • Making the deck more comfortable:
    When you spend an hour in Austin sun, a concrete pool deck can get too hot to walk, and this will severely decrease the enjoyment of being joyful in the pool. The deck coating or resurfacing does not absorb the UV rays, and it will remain cool.

Our Services


We are experts in the pool services like pool inspections, preventive maintenance, chemical balancing, vacation services, one-time cleaning, pool draining, and cleaning.

Pool repairs

We have a specialized team of professionals who can work for the pool and spa repairs like filtration, heaters, pool and spa automation, lighting, and structural repairs.

Leak repairs

There are lots of chances for the water to leak from the pool. We offer leak detection to make your pool have water in it.
We have the right experience

We are not the new ones when it comes to the swimming pool services. We are there in this field for over years and still offer the best pool services in Austin. Till now we stand out in comparison and try our level best to provide the best pool services in the market.

We have the highly trained professionals

We are proud in saying that we have highly experienced and well-trained technicians and we as a team never failed to offer excellent services to our customers.

We provide extra care for your swimming pool

Hire us and enjoy the benefit of getting extra care for your swimming pool. Our team is there for you always and we will also provide you with emergency pool services any time you want.

We offer services at affordable prices

There are many other pool servicing companies in Austin. Comparing all we provide the best quote and complete the work in the allocated time. We first ask your desires and then get the best solution for you.

Take a step to beautiful your pool area!

If you do not feel happy with the pool's and feel, it is now high time to consider the pool deck resurfacing. Our work to repair the pool deck's concrete surface, replacing worn-out mastic or deck drain, adding custom lines to the existing honor crack and creating the custom pattern, and reselling the deck will do magic for the pool. So, do not delay anymore to beautify the space! Visit us and let us work for you!