Relaxation and Hydrotherapy at Your House Pool

Hydrotherapy Plunge Pools

You can’t go wrong with a hydrotherapy plunge pool if you’re looking for a pool that’s not just fun to swim in but also therapeutic. All you need to remember is right here.

About Hydrotherapy Plunge Pools

A hydrotherapy plunge pool is a small swimming pool or plunge pool that has been fitted with hydrotherapy jets and can also be used as a hydrotherapy spa. The hydrotherapy jets can be used for a variety of massages or to create a “current” against which you can swim. Of course, you can change the current to suit your needs. Inside the plunge pool, different seats at various heights are available so that you can get different results from the hydrotherapy jets.

Why Install a Hydrotherapy Plunge Pool?

You may be wondering why you should get a hydrotherapy plunge pool instead of a regular plunge pool. Water is suitable for both recovery and exercise since it supports all of your muscles and joints, making it a very low-impact type of exercise. In reality, it has almost no impact. Water also offers natural resistance to which you must pass. Water is suitable for people who need to rebuild and re-strengthen damaged muscles because of the combination of resistance and low impact.

Water is also naturally stabilizing, which is vital if you’re undergoing recovery for back pain or sciatica, as other types of exercise can aggravate the condition. Of course, there’s more to using a hydrotherapy plunge pool than just muscle strengthening. It’s also beneficial for pain relief because the jets’ massaging effect is both calming and relieving. The pain-relieving properties of a hydrotherapy plunge pool are normal, which means you do not need as much pain medicine.

Hydrotherapy plunge pools are also perfect for a soothing massage at the end of the day, general exercise (as the jets imitate a full-sized pool), relaxation, and stretching.

Hydrotherapy Plunge Pools

Installing a Hydrotherapy Plunge Pool

A hydrotherapy plunge pool has all of the advantages of a full-sized pool and spa in a smaller package. Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the hydrotherapy plunge pool can be built anywhere in your backyard, including in the tiniest or smallest of spaces. You can also choose which hydrotherapy features come standard with your plunge pool, such as seating, jets, programs, and heating.

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