Swimming Pool Inspections

Swimming Inspections Services 

 We know that having a house with a pool is fun.  We also understand that purchasing a home with a pool will leave you unsure of how well the swimming pool has been maintained by previous owners. Buying a home with a pool is a wonderful idea, but it comes with some risks. Prior negligence may mean you’re shouldering pool issues caused by a former owner’s faults. Repairing damaged pumps, inconsistent chemical levels, and other problems can be expensive and complex, making a home inspection by a professional home inspector a must. However, with us, you’ll be aware of any possible problems with your new home’s swimming pool before you sign any documents!

Why You Need a Professional Pool Inspection

When conducting a pool inspection, every aspect of the pool area will be thoroughly checked. We’ll inspect the entire pool, first from the deck to the deep end, so you can get a realistic assessment of its situation from a reputable source.  In addition to monitoring the condition of the pool, we, at Austin Pool Resurfacing, can ensure that we comply with all local safety codes to prevent any code violations.

Our pool inspector will send you a comprehensive pool inspection report on the things you need to know, with details on nearly 100 components once we’ve completed your inspection. This information will give you a glimpse of the state of your future swimming pool and alert you to any possible repair or maintenance problems within and around the pool. With our assistance together with our powerful pool equipment, we make sure that swimming pools will not be more trouble than it is enjoyable!

Our Inspections Are Backed by with Years of Service

For years, we’ve made pool ownership easy for many home and commercial owners. It is our job to ensure that any customer welcomes anyone into their backyard with a swimming pool that is safe, operational, and ready to use. We can help you check the condition of the pool too in case you’ll buy a home. With our commitment to support, performance, and consistency over the years, we’re proud to have won the confidence of customers across the country. Call us today to learn more about our pool and spa inspection services and how our pool and home inspectors can help you ensure that your new pool doesn’t have any hidden costs!